Turnbull Evergreens Project Timeline & Quality Assurance Checklist

Estimated Release Date: Mid August, 2022 – no later than September 1
  • Total Project Completion:22% 22% 22%

Task Complete

Task In Progress

Task Complete but Needing Client Approval

Client Action Item


Task Not Complete

Discovery Phase

Deadline: Friday, July 22nd
  • 100% Completion 100% 100%

Needs Assessment Conversation


Do you already have a website?

Yes, https://wreathsforsale.biz/


What are the objectives and required outcomes of the website?

  1. Modern, updated look and feel 
  2. consolidate/update pages and content 
  3. Better system for retail purchases 
  4. Better system for fundraising programs
  5. Quickbooks integrations

Design Requirements

  • Updated look and feel with Turnbull Evergreen branding
  • Logo
    • Turnbull Evergreens has a copyrighted logo 
    • May want  a font-based logo 
  • Design Colors 
    • Colors must not be holiday themed 
    • More greens – less reds

Functionality Requirements

  • Reatail WooCommerce Store
    • Storefront where users can purchase a products
  • Form to inquire about wholesale pricing and custom fundraiser page. Potential fields are below:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Fundraiser Name
    • Email of Main Contact
    • What is the fundraiser for?
  • Password protected wholesaler fundraiser page
    • Once group obtains password for wholesale fundraiser, they are able to view wholesale pricing and request a custom fundraiser page
  • Form where Fundraising groups can can submit their request for a Fundraising page. Potenials fields are below:
    • Fundraiser Name
    • First and Last Name of Main Contact 
    • Email of Main Contact 
    • What is the fundraiser for?
    • Do you have a logo? if so upload here
    • Colors 
    • Fundraiser start and end date
    • Select products you’d like to sell and at what price 
  • Custom Wholesaler Fundraiser pages
    • Single page – subdomain – fundraisername.turnbullevergreens.com
    • Logo or fundraiser name at top 
    • Fundraiser countdown 
    • look into progress bar – automatic update
    • Facebook feed integration 
    • Display selected products and chosen price 
    • Two colors
    • Ability to put the name of who customer bought them from
  • Quickbooks Integration 
  • Automatic USPS label generation 
    • Wants the ability to print off USPS labels

Website Examples Client Likes


Direct Competitors



Client's Value Proposition

  • Small family-owned business 1994
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Quality wreaths – wreaths are heavier and voluptuous – heavy on noble – highlight natural aspect 
  • Naturally harvested – nothing is farmed – naturally occurring the woods

What are your main products/services?

  • Candy Cane 
  • Centerpiece 
  • Cross 
  • Door Swag 
  • Garland 
  • Classic Wreath
  • Mixed Wreath 
  • Plain Wreath
  • Pine Cones

How many products do you have?

15 – approx.
bulk bows and pine cones


How many orders do you get a month?

500-600 during high season


How does shipping work?

  • You ship directly to organizer 
  • Local pickup within 30 miles 
  • Freight – buy cased items 
  • Retail – ship directly to person UPS – 2 or 3 products 
    • wants the ability ot print off usps label

Desired Website Pages

  • Home 
  • Shop – Products TBD 
    • Candy Cane 
    • Centerpiece 
    • Mixed Wreath
    • Plain Wreath 
    • Pine Cones 
  • Fundraising Program 
    • Wholesale price page – pw protected
    • Form for fundraiser submission – pw protected
  • About 
    • About the Turnbull Family 
    • About our Wreaths 
    • Wreath Care
  • Blog – Community page 
  • Contact Us 
  • Terms & Conditions

Where is website content coming from?

Website content is coming from Troy


Where are photos coming from? What type of photos will we be using?

Use old photos with the intent of getting new up to date photos later


Will you need newsletter sign up integration?

Yes – use “Don’t worry we won’t blow you up”



Findings from competitor and industry research

Lynch Creek Wreaths

  • ability to create printable material as well as links to share on social media
  • funrdriaser recieve 15% back on products they sell — they do not have variable prices for wholesale
  • Groups can sign up for a fundraiser and have a unique link that groups can send out to family and friends
  • Groups have to create an account to get started
  • directly shipments to customer
  • Fundraising page has progress bar and can invite tam members to see how much each person has raised

Sherwood Farms

  • http://ip.sherwoodforestfarms.com/jttcan1/index.php
  • Fundraiser recieves full amount for purchase and then the fundriaser sends money back to Sherwood – Turnbull doesn’t want to do it like this
  • Allows Fundraiser to set their own profit margins
  • Offers both custom fundraiser page and brochures
  • Offer’s two shipping programs –
    • Full Line Program – offers bulk shipping to fundraiser – cheaper
    • Direct Shipping — ships directly to recipeint
  • Sales Material Offered
    • Product Catalog
    • Order Collecting Envelope
    • Direct Deliverly Address Sheets
    • Group Website
      • We allow your group to create and sell from your own group website, using a simple-to-use template. You even have the option of creating individual participant websites for all of your members. All of your sales are tallied in your My Account area in an easy to monitor in your order management tool. If you choose, you may sync your group website with Paypal and collect payments directly.
  • What Set’s sherwood apart
    • 100% Free Sales Materials!
      No added charge for additional materials
    • Straight-forward pricing with no hidden fees!
      Shipping is already included in the price of our items. There’s no need for extra calculations.
    • Unconditional Product Guarantee!
      If you are not satisfied, neither are we.


  • Business Models
    • Lynch Creek’s business model is a little bit different than Turnbull Evergreens because they give fundraisers a commission (15%) rather than letting them choose their sale price.
    • Sherwood Farms business model is the most similar to Turnbul – although they do offer direct shipping
  • Fundraising itmes
    • Lynch Creek pages
      • Fundraiser Photo
      • Fundraiser Name
      • Fundraiser Goal Progress Bar
      • Donate button
      • Fundraiser bio
      • Products to buy
      • Can see how much everyone is funraising
    • Sherwood
      • cannot see their fundraiser page but know fundraisers can see their progress in the backend

Site Goals Review


What functionality is required to achieve business goals?

  • Retail Store
    • Only a few products
    • Ships directly to customer
  • Custom Fundraiser Page
    • Each group gets their own unique fundraising page
    • Each page has
      • Name
      • Image
      • Bio
      • Progress Bar
      • Products to Purchase
    • Forms
      • One form for people to inquire about pricing – result: they are given private link to wholesale pricing and create a funrasier page
      • Another form for fundraisers to fill out info to create a Custom  Fundriaser Page
  • Quickbooks
    • purchases must integrate with quickbooks

What are your top level business goals? (ex. sell products or services, educate, share content or take bookings)

  • Create an easy seamless digital solutions for Fundraisers to sell wreaths
  • Create front-end retail store

What metrics are required to support achievement of business objectives ? (ex. increasing the number of monthly unique visitors, page views, reducing bounce rate, meeting sales targets, boosting engagement in content and followers, building email subscribers, search ranking, improving content quality, encouraging downloads, conversions, promoting thought leadership, reducing admin around enquiries or media attention.)

  • More online sales
  • More Fundraisers

User Persona Creation


User Personas are created and client approves

Fundraiser Organizer

  • Who:
    • Leader of the Fundraiser
  • Action:
    • Would like to start a fundraiser for their group
  • What do they need to accomplish this task:
    • Ability to view wholesale pricing
    • Ability to submit details of fundraiser and at what price they’d like to sell products at
    • Ability to initiate creation of custom fundraiser page.

Person particpating in fundraiser 

  • Who:
    • Person who is selling the wreaths
  • Action:
    • Wants to sell wreaths using custom fundraiser page
  • What do they need to accomplish this task
    • Unique fundraiser link
    • Possible QR Code to share with customers
    • Ability for customers name that they bought their products from a specific person
    • Ability for person to see how much money they’ve personally fundraised.

Fundraiser Customer:

  • Who
    • Person buying wreath from person participating in fundriaser
  • Action:
    • Needs to buy a wreath online from funraiser
  • What they need to accomplish this task:
    • Access to Fundraiser page with products
    • Ability to check out products
    • Ability to give credit to who they bought the product from.

Retail Customer

  • Who:
    • User buying directly from Turnbull Evergreens
  • Action:
    • Purchase wreath from Turnbull website
  • What do they need to accomplish this task
    • Access to fonr-end eccomerce store

Site Map & Flow Process Diagram Creation


Sitemap & Flow Process Diagram are created and client approves




Wireframe of Homepage and inner pages are created and approved by client

View wireframes using the link below:


Design/Branding Exploration


Font Choices are given and final font(s) are chosen by client

  • Header Font Choice: Arvo Bold
  • Body Font Choice: Raleway

Color choices are given and final colors are chosen by client

dark red and green color palette chosen

Functionality Prep


Do we have everything we need to develop the functionality of the website?

  • Dokan Plugin – for multi vendor marketplace – https://wedevs.com/dokan
  • GiveWP – for donation based contributions & crowdfunding functionality –https://givewp.com/
  • AffiliateWP – to keep track of who sold what – https://affiliatewp.com/
  • My Works Software – fo quickbooks integration –  https://myworks.software/integrations/woocommerce-quickbooks-sync/

Development Phase

Deadline: Monday, August 8th
  • 0% Completion 0% 0%

Homepage Design/Development

First draft of homepage is created and reviewed by client


Revisions are done and final homepage is created and approved by client.


Inner Page Design/Development


First draft of (page name) is created and reviewed by client


Revisions are done and final homepage is created and approved by client.


Make Website Mobile-Friendly


Homepage is mobile-friendly


Services page is mobile-friendly


Client verifies website is mobile-friendly


Functionality of Website is Implemented


Key functionality is added to website


Client approves functionality is working




Client Approves all photos and their placement


Verify all inbound and outbound links work


Verify all images or compressed and optimized


Verify all images have alt tags


Verify every page has a featured image


Upload Website Favicon


Delete unused images from media library


Delete unused pages

Content and SEO Phase

Deadline: Friday, August 12th
  • 0% Completion 0% 0%

Content Creation


Home Page - content created and client approved


Inner pages - content created and client approved


Population Website with Content


Entire website is populated with content.


Verify with client that all content on website is accurate and up-to-date

Website Launch

Deadline: Wednesday,  August 17th
  • 0% Completion 0% 0%

Final SEO Checklist


All pages have keywords, meta tags and meta descriptions


Client Training


Make Website Live


Verify contact form works


Uncheck option that blocks search engines from indexing the site


Install tracking tools