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Fundraisers made simple with Turnbull Evergreen’s online direct sales tools

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Revolutionize your Christmas fundraisers with Turnbull Evergreen’s direct online sales tools. We offer our handmade wreath products at wholesale pricing to your organization and provide you with your own customizable fundraising page that inclues online product checkout, donation options, social sharing, and particpant leaderboards! 

Simply inquire about about our fundraisers to get stared. 

24 inch classic

Why Use Turnbull Evergreen for your Fundraiser?

Set your Price Margins

We offer our wreaths to you at our wholesale pricing, so you can choose how much you want to make on each sale. 

Fully Online Fundraiser

No more handing out product catalogs and tediously keeping track of orders. We offer you a personalized online fundraising page that handles and tracks all orders online.

Fundraise with Donations

Your custom fundraiser page also gives the option to donate extra funds upon checkout! 

How Fundraisers Work

Just six easy steps!


1. Inquire to see our fundraiser wholesale pricing

Once you fill out our fundraiser inquiry form, we review your fundraiser details and then send you a link to view our wholesale wreath pricing.


2. Request custom fundraiser page

After reviewing our wholesale pricing and you feel our fundraiser program is a good fit, reach out to us to let us know your ready to create your fundraiser. We’ll create your fundraiser page, send you your unique fundraiser link, and invite you to customize.


3. Customize & publish your online fundraiser page

Once we’ve invited you to customize your fundraiser page you will need to add your product pricing, fundraisers name, bio, fundraising goal, and you even have the option to change out images. (p.s. this customization process is super easy. We’ve already filled out most of the customization for you and we even provide you with a help document so you don’t get lost)


5. Invite team members

Your custom fundraiser page also comes with its very own particpant page where fundraiser participants can sign up to get credit for their sales. Customers are prompted to select which particpant they bought from at checkout. The particpant also features a leaderboard for some healthy competition! 


6. Share & shop

Now you’re ready to share your custom fundraiser link to your customers and social media for easy access to shopping! 

Are you ready to create your fundraiser?

Frequently asked questions

When and how does my fundraiser receive our earnings?

After the final date of your fundraiser Turnbull Evergreens will deposit funds into your fundraisers PayPal account. 

How does my fundraiser know who ordered what?

You can keep track of your orders by logging into the backend of your fundraiser’s site. You will be provided login info upon your fundraiser’s page creation.

How late can I fundraise?

All fundraisers must conclude by November 14th to ensure timely shipping.

Can we still sell without using the online tool?

Yes! You can certainly still run your fundraiser manually then submit an order form to us by the due date. Just please keep in mind that as of now we are no longer creating custom sales flyers. We can provide stock images of the product so your group can create your own.

How does shipping work?
When your fundraiser concludes we will ship all your orders to the address of your choice. Your fundraising team can then deliver our wreaths to its recipients. Gift wreaths will be shipped via UPS to recipient address given.
How does each team member know how much money they raised?

Each team member participating in the fundraiser will add themselves as a particiant upon fundriaser page creation. Customers can choose which team member they are buying from upon checkout. Your fundraiser page will have a particpant leader board where team members can track how much money they’ve raised. This number will be the wholsalepricing + your profit margin so you’ll have to do a little calculation to figure out how much money you take home. 

Are there any fees?

Yes, just like any online store there is a credit card processing fee however Turnbull Evergreens will cover this. 

The fee for using Dojiggy can be covered by the group’s profits or by the supporter. This can be adjusted under the “Basics” tab when editing your experience.