Wreath Care

Keep your wreath look nice and fresh all season long!

Your wreaths and other evergreen products are shipped as fresh as possible. In general, these fresh products should last until after Christmas if cared for properly.

mixed wreath

Here are a few suggestions to insure the longevity of your products:

  • Open the case boxes when they arrive so the products can breathe.
  • Remove the products from the boxes as soon as possible and store in a cool place. A garage is often just cool enough to protect them.
  • Give the products a good shaking when you take them out of the boxes to release needles that have dislodged during shipping. It is normal for some needles to fall off during shipping.
  • If you are going to be keeping the product for a few days before you distribute them it is a good idea to mist them with water and keep them in the shade.
  • Encourage your customers to mist the wreaths and keep them out of the hot sun as much as possible.
  • These products are intended for outdoor use. Their freshness will not last nearly as long if they are displayed indoors. (Fireproofing spray is suggested if they are used indoors.)
  • Remember that these products are shipped fresh, but their longevity will vary depending on your climate and your care.